The official Way of the Roses website forms one element of the package of support for cyclists provided by those who conceived of the Route and complements the official Sustrans Map and the recently published, Guide Book.

The Guide Book was written by Rupert Douglas who, as part of the Cooper Douglas Partnership, led on the development of the route. On both a personal and professional level, Rupert continues to be passionately involved in the route’s continued success, maintenance and promotion.

For those planning to ride the Way of the Roses cycle route, the aim of this website is to provide the best possible online source of advice and information. Information on where cycling visitors can expect a friendly welcome, find interesting places to visit, locate cycle friendly places to stay, and obtain, good quality, value for money, local produce, food and drink.

The website is operated by Rupert Douglas and friends, on a not-for-profit basis in support of Sustrans and the on-going coordination, maintenance and promotion of the Way of the Roses cycle route and website.

Route Development

The idea of creating a new ‘coast-to-coast’ cycle route across Lancashire and Yorkshire first surfaced in 2007. A partnership of various organisations, working in conjunction with Sustrans, the UK’s leading sustainable transport charity, developed the route which was launched in 2010.

Sustrans Volunteer Rangers

In addition to the development partners, numerous Sustrans Volunteer Rangers were instrumental in the venture.  They and others play an important role in helping to maintain the route, all of which is part of the National Cycle Network.


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Please contact us ( if you need advice and we’ll do our best to help; also if you have a photo and comments about your trip for our Gallery or Facebook pages. We’re also happy to receive more detailed accounts or other newsworthy items but reserve the right to edit. We want all those involved to feel proud of the role they play in the success of this cycle route and welcome feedback from both cyclists and service providers on how the Way of the Roses cycle route and its website could be improved.

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