Avoiding Crashes

Unlike the Tour of Britain, cycling the Way of the Roses isn’t a race, although reports are filtering
through about a few crashes and near misses. For your own safety and the safety of others,
please take extra care on the sometimes narrow downhill sections, especially negotiating blind
bends, avoiding potholes, when it’s wet, and when riding in even a small group.

Greenhow Hill in particular becomes an increasingly steep descent as you wind your way down
into Pateley Bridge, so you need to control your speed and position with careful braking.

Always be on the lookout for an often unsuspecting assortment of other road and cycle path users
of both the two-feet and four-legged varieties, whose own journey’s we’d rather not spoil. The
Good Cycling Code on the Way of the Roses map (which you really should have for the trip) is
worth a read if you haven’t recently done so.