First cyclist to complete the route in 2014.

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Looking back, Alan thinks, ‘I must have had a screw loose’. Setting off on my own in the freezing fog, 6am, Friday, 14th March, with fully loaded bike, tent etc, never had ridden more than 35 miles!  

The first day I managed to get all the way to Pateley Bridge. It was so hard. I don’t think anyone fully explains how steep these climbs are. (Take a look at the terrain profile page) I was cold and wet by the end of the day, but optimistic Day 2 would be better.

It was - once I’d climbed out of Pateley Bridge and the ride through Ripon to York was a joy. 

On the morning of Day 3, I was joined by a friend so I was able to dump the camping gear and finish the last day on a nice light bike. What a joy! Sunny day with the wind behind us we did the last 64 miles (including a wrong turn) in an easy 5 hours.

This is my first serious bike ride but I loved it. Over the 3 days I covered 196 miles.  

Thanks to all those involved in making this cycle route so well thought out, well signposted and an absolute pleasure.  (Including the climbs now that I've done them).