Transport and trains from Hull

For Dutch and Belgian cyclists catching a ferry to Hull from Rotterdam or Zeebrugge and wanting to get to the western end of the route at Morecambe, Cycle Yorkshire can help.

The York based operator regularly takes people and their bikes across to Morecambe on a Monday and can (subject to numbers) pick-up from the ferry terminal the day before, and also arrange accommodation in York. Alternatively, take the train from Hull city centre to York on a Sunday (if not before), spend a night in York and be transported across by mini-bus the following morning. Bike hire and transport back to Hull from Bridlington are other options.

Read about Way of the Roses in Op Weg magazine.

For information about travelling by train from Hull to Morecambe use the National Rail website. Bikes go free and on Northern Rail trains for example a reservation isn’t required, while on TransPennine Express and Virgin trains they are. Bike spaces are limited so check in advance (especially for a tandem) and be prepared for possible delays.